A wretched, lawless city of vagabonds and mercenaries located below Durem.

Qu'ellar Druu'giir Edit

This house has no formal alliances, but its role as the leader in Sorcerous training, as well as a major mercantile influence insures that it can exert pressure on most any other clan or guild in UnderGaia.

This house desires to execute an attack against any House who seeks to thwart its goals.

House Druu'giir has a direct influence over other houses in the city due to the fact the clan controls nearly all of the Sorcerous training that occurs in Au Shinduago as well as a large portion of the mercantile trade. The clan is dominated by male wizards, and can quickly augment its troops by hiring the Barra Vla'rinnyn or another mercenary band if necessary. The ultimate fear inspired by the house's reputation is the rumor that the house wizards can employ gate spells to bring their quickly-reinforced armies to virtually any house, any room, in any city!

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Qu'ellar Avrea'mitore Edit

The Second home of Au'Shindago where many of the drow are resided at and favored that are allowed inside. The house is designed in a spider web like designs also holding three levels. On the walls are many decorations of spiders and pillars of the great Spider Goddess as well as many statues of her many forms. They are all throughout the house even covering some of the many hidden passages as well as scrying eyes to view the unseen such as trespassers. that was made by other Auvrea'mitore inhabitants. There are guards at each corner of the hallway as on the account of the many assassination attempts made by the deceased Matron Mother on account of her feuding daughters.

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Qu'ellar Derahel Edit

Derahel is the third House of Au'Shinduago and are devout followers of Kiaransalee the Revenancer. They are also allied with House Rivvinen d' Venorsh and House Helviiryn.

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