L' Olath Mayar, under Aekea, and just as technologically advanced, is not a popular city among the more traditional Drow of UnderGaia.
L'Olath Mayar is populated with most of the non drow community. Humans, half-breeds, demons, and visitors from the surface feel more at home here were they are not looked down upon.

Qu'ellar Murray Edit

Rulling house of L'Olath Mayar, Qu'ellar Murray is as untraditional as the town. This self-appointed house is not only run by a male, but also has very few drow in it, if any at all, much like the city around it.

The leader of Qu'ellar Murray has an undieing addiction to Technology, There or the city is every bit as advanced as its UpperGaian counter part, if not more so. Most drow who don't mind the nontraditional, still don't hang around for it is far too bright with all its neon lighting.

King and Queen
Lengna and Fealau

BaddKitty, Maverick Calista, Quiet Kiki, Angel Collina

Eien Murray

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House MitchellEdit

The Mitchell House is an integral part of L'Olath Mayar.
This house helps keep Qu'ellar Murray in power by supporting them militarily and financially.
They are often at odds with the Pirates of Lake Kattalakis due to being a house of Knights.

Although House Mitchell is a peaceful faction that keeps mostly to itself, it's best to stay out of their way.

Lord and Lady
SirMitchell and Lovellett

Jackson Blue

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Qu'ellar Wund'Roesor Edit

Although Wund'Roesor is the smallest house of the city, they're not stupid. The majority of the house army is hired to other houses for specific work, mostly as a cover for gathering information for the Ilharess of Wund'Roesor.

The Twitchblade faction Edit

A demon run faction...

Twitchblade: We're not trying to save you, we're trying to save your wallet.

UnderGaia Liaison

Drachir D Nalem

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Kilted Kitty Crew Edit


First Mate

CrewChyvon, Nalek, card-stock, Chimera245

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Novas Corp Edit


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The Nova Wind and her Crew (NPC faction) Edit

The Nova wind is a living ship made out of a dragon.
She doesn't seem to remember much about being anything but a ship, and enjoys her job and her crew.


Second in Command

Pierre, Lavian

Slader, Kyomi, Vashkoda

Kenji, Zemekis

Medical Staff
Roland, Alicia

Other Crew
Clayton, Victor, Nikita, Rachel, Musashi, Alyssa, Dennis, Minerva, Rampart 

Club Ebony Edit

Club Ebony is the most popular club in L'Olath Mayar, perhaps in all of UnderGaia itself.

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