Under the reclamation facility lies UnderGaia's swamp. The grounds are horrid, green tinted waters with who knows what lurking in the mud. Reeds sticking up hide beings easily, the trees give an ominous feel to the surroundings with small chattering of animals and insects all around. Most of the beings that dwell there practice elemental magics, tribal, ancient conjurings, and druids.

Rivvinen d' Venorsh Edit

Rivvinen d' Venorsh has been around for ages. The first to have founded the great clan were several tribal groups of Drow, who had somehow found piece with one another and band together to create the great house that still stands in the swamps. They created the name for the tribe's elders, who decided to take a vow of silence to better understand the nature that stood around them. To get to know what the earth was saying to them, better understand nature's language. This is how Rivvinen d' Venorsh came to be known as what it is.

Others have been allowed to enter the hallowed halls of Rivvinen d' Venorsh, but very few have dared to enter either way. Demons, fae, vampires, all were and are still welcomed- some Drow may still not look to the future where the Drow and other races may live together, but most in the house have come to that.

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