A Lolthlite hub of UnderGaia, goverened under a powerful Matriarch and located beneath Barton.Ulorbbath has a council of houses ranked by number based on Lolth's favor.

Temple of Lolth Edit

Orbb-Tinilith Edit

In the center of Ulorbbath is Orbb-Tinilith. The Underdarks finest academy for priestesses of Lloth. Many come from far away just to be schooled here. It is not only the academy for future priestesses, but also Lloth's Tabernacle. Matron Mothers from far cities, leave the safety of their fortresses just to worship here.

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Qu'ellar Rylinndar Edit

Rylinndar or the House of black hearts, is the first house of Ulorbbath.

Rylinndar has seen many houses fall and rise during its time. Some of those houses fell to Rylinndar. It took many centuries for Rylinndar to dominate Ulorbbath. Before it was the ruling house, Ulorbbath lay in a chaos that no one benifited from. When Rylinndar (with the Spider Queen's judgement and plans) came into power over the city, it grew in size and power. It is now one of the largest cities in Undergaia.

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Qu'ellar Helviiryn Edit

Once a great house now it is one of the few lesser houses. The last child of the Helviiryn, Zarud, is a male so he could not take control of the house. Eventually his ties broke and their great castle Wa'q del Illing "The Tower of Bone" is but a forgotten ruin.

Now Zarud seeks a worthy female to raise his house from the ashs.

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Violet Mushroom Merchant Clan Edit

The Violet Mushroom Clan is a merchant faction.

Currently on retainer of House Druu'giir, our merchants and agents may be negotiated with to assist any house... for the right price.

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