Welcome to The UnderGaia

Beneath the surface of Gaia lay the cavernous realm of UnderGaia. Dark elves, monsters, and even demons walk the lightless and twisted warrens within this faerie realm of eternal night. Only the strong survive here; treachery runs rampant, and the only one you can trust is yourself. Venture into the darkness below if you dare!

This Wiki was made to contain the vast amount of information and knowledge assembled through years of role playing and discussion regarding a world beneath Gaia ( and loosely based on the Drow of D&D/Forgotten Realms. We hope the information you find within is what you needed.

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1) No Profanity or Slurs directed at another member, no exceptions

2) No Out of Character flaming (RP insulting must be kept thoughtful and not personal to a member)

3) No politically incorrect slurs, ethnic references, cultural slurs, or religious or gender harrasment (except where "appropriate" in RP terms ie. female drow are supposed to treat male drow harshly)

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you are offending someone, STOP! Rethink things and cool off... save your response to someone until you can post as non-offensively as possible.

Members who breach this policy will be issued one warning and offered a suggestion for changing their manner and tone. After that, a temporary ban (or permanent if the infraction is severe enough).

I'm sorry to have to have these rules up, but complaints have come in, and it was bound to happen sometime.
Also, the crew are not thick-headed, so we can tell when someone is legitimately pwning someone in RP vs. whether they are just being obnoxious OOC. ;p So you are still safe to be cruel and malicious as part of your character.

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